Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do you know any white people with the last name Washington??

well, DO you?

i was talking to my brother today, i don't remember how we got started talking about it, but he was talking about ancestors. he asked, "where are all of George Washington's family??" down the line, generation after generation. i wasn't sure what he was getting at, my first thoughts were that i didn't know and why should i care?

then i realized what a common name Washington is. i went to school with several unrelated people with the last name Washington. and they were all black. i must have known at least 10 different families in my life with that last name. not one of them a white family. So where are George Washington's decendants?

i'm not sure what my brother's implications were but it's an interesting point. i mean, his family must have had a GRIP of slaves, is all i can think of. but what about his family? do you know any Washingtons? are they white? i'd LOVE to know.


AB said...

I met a Johnny Washington from Chicago and he was Black. I don't know any white ones. I met a couple of guys in Ecuador with the first name Washington, usually nicknamed Wacho.

AB said...

I forgot to say, that there may have been black families that changed their name (or were forced to change their name) and ended up as Washingtons without being related to George. Like Native Americans named Jones. I don't know enough history to know how frequently it happened.
Keep up the blogging

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Seattle 'burbs and have been in Portland for 7 years. I've never known anyone with the last name of Washington. I live in SE and I must say, Portland is extemely white. I was really surprised during my first foray into North Portland. I just hadn't thought about the fact that I hadn't seen a black person in months and then boom, there they were. I thought, "What the hell? Do black people only live up here?! Why?!" It was weird.

Great blog!

Falone said...

LOL. I know two people with the last name of Washington, they're dating, and they're both Black.

Oh, and I've just discovered your blog... I think I googled "black woman" "blogs" and "interracial"... I love it, I feel like I'm reading myself.

Anonymous said...

i think george washington had a black woman as his "lover" on the side anyway so maybe throughout the generations, washington became a black family.

Anonymous said...

George Washington never had any biological children.

Anonymous said...

its because he was half Moorish as was Abraham Lincoln. Moorish is the nationality of the people who are called "black" or Afro American.

there is a reason why the US government wants to control education. There is a lot of things they dont want people to know especially those who wrongly call themselves black.