Saturday, August 18, 2012


so, i have 2 daughters under the age of 9. even though we live in a somewhat "safe" neighborhood, i do not allow them to walk to the local stores or parks alone. call me paranoid, or whatever, but i don't trust people. and i don't care how special people think their little neighborhood is, there are sick, demented people EVERYWHERE.

so, one of my daughters was invited over to a friends house to play. we're in alameda neighborhood, but their neighborhood might be just slightly one step up from our in terms of safety or the illusion of a happy, safe place. so, my daughter called me from their house saying that their mom lets them walk to the park alone with their 10 yr old brother and wanted to make sure i was okay with that.

the park is probably 4 blocks away.  i said no. so a 10 yr old boy would be responsible for my 8 yr old daughter if something happened, or if she had to go use the park bathroom, or if someone tried to lure her away? i don't think so.

i kind of felt this eyerolling from the mom, as if i'm just so overprotective. and then it dawned on me.

this family is white. white people have never ever had to watch their backs. they've never had to be aware of someone wanting to hurt or kill them because of their race or who they are. not that i think my daughter is a target because of being mixed, or that lynching or anything like that still happens. but my point is that i think white people in general are more trusting and more laid back in terms of letting their children run free without worry because historically, they have never had to be concerned. whereas, black people, i believe are more cautious naturally because of our history or being targeted.

that's my theory. what do you think?

res ipsa loquitur


leave it to white people to decide that if they can't be a part of black people's money-making, just arbitrarily deciding to a)make them criminals, b) unfairly try to regulate it so that they force themselves to get some of the profit, c) take over the craft so that they can learn how to do it better and profit more and then eventually keep black people from doing it at all.

if you have ever taken any latin, here's a phrase for ya. Res ipsa loquitur.

wrong on so many levels. i can barely even bring myself to blog about it. talk amongst yourselves!!!