Tuesday, December 21, 2010


How ironic that I'm discussing this after my last post. But whatever. So I took my kids swimming at a local aquatic park. When we got there, it just so happened that there weren't anymore seats left for parents to watch. My initial (absolutely first) thought that popped into my head to ask the staff were these words: "ya'll ain't got no more chairs up in here?" ( I think it was just my mood) And I had to laugh because my "filter" would never allow it to come out that way.

And then it dawned on me how easily I could turn that dialect on instantly without thinking. It's almost like lazy-talk. Like the way non-native english speakers or those with a southern dialect,etc. have a stronger accent when they are tired. It doesn't sound forced, or fake. But if you've ever heard a white person try to do it, it always sounds very fake and contrived.

Actually I always knew I could bust out in this dialect, but what dawned on me was that it came so natural like, without even trying. Yet at the same time i don't have to* try* to speak proper,sounding" white", as some would say.

So I'm wondering if all black people have this so called "ability". Do you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


can i just start by saying: "hisself" is NOT a word black people?! i hear so-called educated black people use this all the time and i just cringe...it's HIMself!!!!

*sigh*. now that i finally got that off of my chest, i must blog about the experience today that reminded me to do that public service announcement. i was out shopping and this young-ish black woman-probably mid-thirties was at the department store complaining about a service. i didn't hear the entire story, but what i did hear was that she wasn't as articulate that she needed to be in order to get what the results that she wanted.

black people! don't you realize that when you don't speak properly, or try to mix your ebonics into modern english thinking that the person you're complaining to will care just because you're upset, you're wrong? people immediately write you off mentally and are no longer truly listening to what you're complaining about. it's the difference between "i'm sorry, there's nothing we can do" and "let me get my manager/sure, what i CAN do is..."

i worked in customer service not long ago and black people would call me on the phone complaining about this or that and, i gotta admit that if they were older in age i'd give them the benefit of the doubt and help them. but what i couldn't stand was people from my generation who could not articulate in a professional manner what they wanted. i was like, REALLY? in 2010 a young black person still speaks like they haven't been allowed a proper education?

it's hard for me to have patience for those people. we all have the opportunity to learn proper english and be articulate. and that's the only way we'll truly get what we want.