Sunday, December 28, 2008

au naturel

i have a black girlfriend who wears her hair natural. sometimes it's in twists, sometimes it just...there. lately her hair has been looking kind of....rough. and i feel like bringing it up somehow, that maybe it would look a little better if she did this or that to it. i feel weird about it because my hair relaxed. i don't want to give the impression that the only reason why i think it doesn't look good is because it's not relaxed. granted, i honestly don't like the way natural hair looks-sad, i know. there's just not much you can do with it, besides braids, twists or a 'fro. what if those are my style?

i digress.
i just think she could care for it differently to make it look better in it's natural state. for some reason though, i just feel like i don't have the right to say anything because i'm not "natural". I honestly put that in the same category as a white person telling a black person how to style their hair. how dare i try to give her tips and advice when i've never worn my hair natural?