Monday, November 27, 2006

You act white.

This is what white people "do". if you're black, you might get accused of trying to be white by doing these things :

ski (most definitely)
hike (kind of)
camp (i think i know one black person who likes to camp)
bike (i'm talking serious biking)
wear clogs (hi. yours truly)
enunciate and articulate their words
eat things like cottage cheese (um, yeah)
flip their hair
wash hair often
be wealthy without telling anyone
eat healthy or organic
listen to anything other than hip hop, r&b, or jazz.
not greasing their hair down constantly
drink Hefeweizen (mmm!)

these aren't necessarily stereotypes. it's actually what a lot of black people think are exclusive to white people. i've been accused of 'trying to be white' more times than i can count. and honestly, it was mostly in my younger years-teenage and early 20s. i think people still think this way, but in your late 20s and 30s, people don't say it. i mean, come on.

this is what black people "do". if you're white and you do these things, you might be accused of "trying" to be black)

pop their gum
put any type of oil product in their hair ( i don't know why they'd want to, but i've seen it)
wear a big gold medallion chain
wear K-Swiss shoes
wear athletic warm-up suits
wear braids or cornrows
have a big b*tt (occasionally, a white girl will have a big b*tt-i'm not talking about fat)
drive an Escalade with shiny custom wheels
talk slang in a loud voice
blast hip hop music in their car

what i find the most ironic is this: if a black woman wears her hair relaxed, which is actually emulating white hair, it's still considered to be a very black thing. but if she flips it, with the whole neck action, she's 'trying to be white' . if a black woman goes natural, it's a major deal. white people don't know what to think. is she going to get all malcom X on them? she might get called granola, or black hippie. well, at least that's how it is here in Portland. i can't speak on the way it might be in the northeast or southeast united states.


kca said...
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Aly Cat 121 said...

honey you need to come to cali then, I can hardly imagine somebody thinking or saying you're "acting white" cuz you shop at Whole Foods or live in a nice neighborhood or can be articulate. Nor can I imagine anyone saying somebody is "acting black" cuz they pop gum or drive a tricked out suv. Could be that some folks need to get out more and stop watchin MTV. *shakin head* at PURE ignorance. Ignorance is NOT cute.

AB said...

I knew skiing was pretty white, but Hefeweizen? What about Malt Liquor? is that Black anymore? Portland has such a huge number of serious bikers drinking Hefeweizen, and eating healthy, but I didn't think they were all white.
Cornrows and dreadlocks seem more common on Blacks, but I don't think the whites that sport them are trying to be black - but I bet they do get accused.
Black women with natural hair don't intimidate me. I think Dr. Rice would be less intimidating with natural hair.
K-swiss shoes are black now? I know skiers that wear them. I must be out of touch....

the management said...

you should visited the black new world blog

Mindy said...

Hair-flipper here! *raises hand*

I do all of the above...but then I'm biracial. I'm the whitest "black" girl I know, both in looks and culture. I flip my hair often 'cuz hey, when you have long hair it tends to blow in the wind.

1) I like stereotypically "white" sports like figure skating

2) I wash my hair often

3) I listen to Phil Collins, The Who, Kate Bush, Al Stewart, Blondie, The Carpenters, Janis Joplin, The Misfits, Bonnie Raitt, Counting Crows, Rammstein, Alice name a few

4) I love black guys in terms of their playful attitudes and sex appeal, but white dudes can be "all that" too!

5) I was a straight-up dork in school. I couldn't identify with the kids around me who were so influenced by hip-hop culture

6) I like Oreo cookies? *chuckles* Silly, I know, I'll stop...

7) My style is skater girl meets Beverly Hills prep meets Catholic school girl meets goth meets hippie. I know, that was a lot...

8) I have no sense of rhythm, although I sing pretty well

9) I speak six languages fluently, some of them being from my mixed heritage

10) I have my own library at home

11) I love rock concerts with performers from the 80's

12) I'm stuck in the 70's-80's

13) I know all the words to "Send in the Clowns"

14) I once had sexy dreams of Barry Manilow

15) If you see a very pale woman zipping by on a blue 10-speed bike, you know who it is...'nuff said!

Anonymous said...

i live in portland white...and i agree with almost all of this. VERY TRUE.

D said...

if a black woman goes natural, it's a major deal...

yeah, what's up with that? i really like some of the beautiful and creative things black women can do with their natural hair that most white woman can't do.

Wander said...

I'm a black woman new to the Portland area (from NYC) and wear my hair natural but I would like to get my hair braided. Does anyone know of a good african braiding salon?

Katchin said...

I know this is waaaaay after the fact, but you should read this blog "Black People Don't..."

The Chairman said...

Black people wear K-Swiss? I never got that memo! What is the world coming to?

Just teasing, BTW.

Nelle said...

ohhh, this made me laugh so much. It's sad but true...the good news is it's not like that everywhere. I live in Nashville, TN. It's like that here. hah!

Latasha Young said...

I want to act white because they are fun and I too like to flip my long hair I mixed Indian /black btw black people are sometimes mean to other races and I do not want to be like them and I want longer prettier hair!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Butt is not a bad word