Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I wasn't being facetious

with my last post, about what things white people 'do' and what things black people 'do'. i was dead serious. a couple commenters seemed to disagree. well, my response to that would be:

white people in Portland are not as "flavorful" as they may be in Cali. i've been to Cali, and it's very colorful in many places and i'm sure that a lot of the white people there might do "black" things by my [Portland] standard and still be very white.

on the flip side, many of the black people here are still, well, very one-dimensional. meaning, that there are still many of "us" who are not as progressive thinking. thus the reason for the list. i should have mentioned that that "acting white" list was based on those black people who haven't had the chance to go anywhere or do anything where they'd get more perspective.


Aly Cat 121 said...

Yeah that's what I always tell My Hunny, that most folks black or white, need to go beyond their "block" and the local wal-mart. I can see what you mean in mentioning the folks who ain't NEVER been nowhere, including those who may have never been "downtown" in their local city.

Yeah hon, we got some "color" in cali AND some crazy azz sh*t. LOL

Anonymous said...

To many people assume just because in your area people do things a certain way that it's the same every where, just saying... I think this is an example of stereotypes