Monday, July 04, 2011


did anyone see beyonce's interview about a week ago with pierce morgan? or does anyone ever listen to (idiot) sherri shepherd on the view(because she talks the same way)? why can't these black women speak proper english? did they just give up and say 'who cares?' after they made a million bucks?

beyonce was talking to pierce morgan about some award she had won recently...yadda yadda. i wasn't paying too close attention because i can't stand her anyway. but, i happened to be on vacation and unable to sleep and this interview was the only interesting thing on tv.


for example, beyonce said something like "i was nervous because IT was so many people!!!" and on and on. and she kept saying "it's so many this, it's so many that...."

sherri shepherd does the exact same thing.

i'll admit, i make grammatical errors from time to time, but i do know the basics. and you can bet that if i were on a national talk show, and even had millions of dollars, i would speak correct english.



YoFabulous said...

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I just hate when I see or meet someone who looks like they have their act together, only to be crushed when they open their mouths.

Simone said...

Bey has had this problem from way back before she really blew up. And whenever I would see her doing an interview, I would just cringe. I kept hoping she would address the issue at some point, but alas, she apparently hasn't. And your speech speaks VOLUMES about you. She could hire someone immediately about that. Why hasn't anyone around her told her about this--or does she not watch herself afterwards? As for Sherri Shepherd....I believe she doesn't care period.

Thank, Q said...

I guess no one thinks that it's a bad thing since some of her fans probably think what she's saying is correct. I just saw a "Fill in the Blank" on Twitter that stated, "If I seen (fill in the blank). Really? People are retweeting "if I seen?"

Bryanna said...

One of my pet peeves is when people criticize someone else for grammatical errors while making their own. Is it really too hard to capitalize proper nouns and the first letter of your sentences?

TBG said...

Actually Bryanna, I do know better. I choose to write that way for this blog. Thanks for your feedback, though.

Gee Gee said...

I agree with you. As far as Sherri Shepherd goes, EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth - grammar wise and content wise - is pure garbage. She's an embarrassment to me as a black woman.