Saturday, July 09, 2011

fitting room clerk

Dear fitting room clerk at Marshalls:

i know you thought i was being rude today. and maybe i was. but when you had to check and recheck and then check again that i had the same number of items coming out as going in, that was annoying. i felt like 1)you secretly thought i stole something and 2)you did it only because i am black.

i didn't like that. i showed you that i had the five items to match the "number 5" tag that you gave me going in, and you insisted on examining the items inside and out, wasting my time. it wasn't necessary.

so when i abruptly snatched the items i chose to buy from your grip, i may have been rude. but you were ruder.



Joyann said...

Well, it could have been because you're black or it might have just been about incompetence on the part of the employee. Also, I used to work at a Marshall's, and one thing I realized is that it IS IMPORTANT to check the merchandise because a lot of customers mishandle merchandise and are always trying to find a way to get something at a discounted price. So they will come in and mishandle merchandise or try to find the worst looking of an item so they can get a discount on it.

Also, some shoppers will try to change around the clearance stickers on merchandise, hoping that the cashier won't notice the the skew numbers don't match on the original ticket and clearance sticker. So while your experience may have been annoying, it doesn't necessarily mean that you were being treated that way because of your race.

When I was a cashier at Marshall's, I used to treat every customer the same way, and with each transaction, I would make sure that I looked over the merchandise and checked the prices to make sure everything matched up. I had a responsibility to do that. On some occasions, I would get the evil eye from customers because they thought that I thought they were trying to steal something, but I flat out told them that I had a responsibility to the store.

Simone said...

Next time ask to speak with that person's manager. I give people the benefit of the doubt, however I also believe in bringing in a third party--preferably upper mgt, so that that if the employee isn't aware of what they are doing--they will after that. And if you find that the staff is "trippin", leave. It's as simple as that. But tell them why you are leaving.

Jasmine said...

So I just discovered your blog for the first time and basically... I want to be you. I am a young black women I'm an up and coming blogger myself, and I am seeking to create to what you seem to have already brought to fruition: a honest tell-all the highlights the social experiences of young black girls. My account is actually on Tumblr because it's what I'm more familiar with, but I would really appreciate it if you would check it out and give any feedback you may have...
Thank you! Keep being awesome!

Shauna said...

rudeness among retail workers is
becoming spreading.

try not to let people clog your joy.

the best way to combat negativity is
to be kind to someone else.

luv & peace

Anonymous said...

You need to do your shopping online. Clerks tend to annoy the living poop out of me.


A Dangerous Mind said...

I wouldn't want to work in a fitting room because you have to touch clothing that you know for sure has been on someone else's body.

Anonymous said...

That sounds racist. I've been followed around in shops before BUT only when the shop is for old people and full of other old people. So that tells me it's because I'm young they think I will steal (I'm white, so it's never happened to me due to race).

Anonymous said...

This is today's world. Retail stores are extra-suspicious of ALL shoppers these days, and with good reason. A lot of shoplifting and whatnot goes on in dressing rooms, with people trying to scam the cashier/clerk with switched tags, etc. Racism has little to do with it; it's more about ageism. The stores assume younger shoppers will steal.