Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i got this little job a the local community college, PCC. specifically the one over in the 'hood, at cascade campus. i've been there for a solid week and a half now, working with different students. it's fun.

but one of the days last week as i was walking to my car through the crowded lot, i heard footsteps behind me. it was some really big black guy. i'll admit, i got kind of scared. and before you rush to judgement and call me whatever it is you want to call me, let me say this:

i don't go to the hood much. i see black people all the time, but not in such concentration as when you go over to the partially-gentrified 'hood. and i'm sorry- but just because i'm black doesn't mean i automatically feel some kinship to every black man i see.

if you look scary, you look scary. regardless of what race you are. it just so happened that this black guy walking closely behind me looked a little bit intimidating. and then it dawned on me that every. single. black. man/boy at that campus that i've seen looks either thuggish/scary/intimidating or basically kinda trashy and ghetto.

when i say ghetto, i mean wearing either the stereotypical p-diddy-style warm-up suits , with both ears pierced and gaudy gold and faddish shoes or sagging jeans with the latest hip-hop style (rapper) faddish clothing. every last one of them. it's disgusting. and if they're not wearing one of those two options, they're really tore-down looking. i mean, it just is SO OLD and SO PLAYED OUT.

still? they still aspire to look like the stereotype?

i don't spend a lot of time in the hood but today i thought, "really? black men STILL look like this? i mean, come on. didn't obama (at least) getting into office inspire you to pull your pants up? look professional? stop dressing like the stereotype? a little bit?

i guess we should just be glad they're in school.


MsNana_ said...

eventually nobody will have to tell them to pull up their pants.


Thank, Q said...

They definitely didn't learn anything about self-respect from Obama getting elected. Neither did some grown-ups who should know better. At Obama's inauguration, P-Diddy and Jamie Foxx were prancing around with shades on. Shades? At an inauguration? You're too cool to be a grown up for one of the most important nights in history?

Better be glad I wasn't the president because I would have had those fools thrown out.

People don't care any more. We get mad for being stereotype, but we go out of our way and spend all of our money just to fit it. Now, the people who are supposed to be grown are just as ignorant. I can't imagine what I will be blogging about in five years at the rate black people are going.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why are so many black men so effeminate with the earrings?

DWFL said...

uh, well... being a black man. i dont understand it either. im proud of who i am so i act as such. some people follow the trends and if you dont, especially in the black community, you are an outsider. on another note, ive learned that judging people solely by their attire is wrong, that black guy maybe a future computer program or engineer. just saying you never know. (engineering major = me

Anonymous said...

I just seen your blog from my good friend Thank Q! I am now following btw.

I don't think they really learned anything from Obama's initiation. In that sense, I agree with you. But it is sad that you said "I guess we should be glad they're in school" because even though we should be glad, isn't that something they are supposed to do? Should we just encourage them for doing something mediocre, the bare minimum? Shouldn't we expect more? Also, I think that (hopefully) since they are taking the correct steps for their future about attending school, maybe they will part take in a professional image presentation :o/ Maybe instead of P.Diddy, they can take tips from NEYO?! He dresses pretty good in this whole "gentlemen-ly" way. ::kayne shrug::
I guess we do have to appreciate what we get huh?

Thank, Q said...

I don't think it's right to judge someone based solely on their appearance, but everyone pretty much does it in some shape form of fashion. Right or wrong, it's reality and if I'm a hiring manager and someone comes in for an interview in jeans and a Sean John t-shirt, I'm sending them out immediately.

Dee said...

I feel the same way. I don't find it attractive at all.

Malinda said...

I totally agree, but at the same time we are products of out environments until we decide to rise above it. Its as simple as when you know better you do better. The sad part about it is if and when you make a decision to rise above and try to do something better with your life to better yourself. There's always those around you trying to pull you back down to their level and talk shit about you because they don't have the will power to want to do something different or go down another path. It's sad I know cause I have experience it.
Or you could be so use to how you dressed before and now that your bettering yourself your comfortable with the way you use to dress. But because of your appearance no one will give you the opportunity you deserve. Society is a bitch.

tasnei said...

Well I hate to see any guy with his pants off his ass, and I don't believe it to be a black mans fashion, but more of a generational problem. I am in college that is as diverse as it can be here in america, and let me tell you that I have seen whites, blacks, asians, muslims, jews,and girls, with their booties exposed even in the dead cold of winter! But its just a fashion statement. I'm pretty sure that most of the guys you've seen own proper fitting clothes and even suits. You gotta take into account that it is a college campus and that people go to classes in whatever they deem comfortable, whether its baggy/super tight jeans, sweats, chains, or safety pins. I know a guy who would wear his baggy clothes to class on some days and on others a nice suit just because he felt like it, and he was black.

Bill Smith said...

Ha! Intimidating, huh? What about black men who are professional and conservatively dressed with days filled with positive, productive activities? Personally, I've seen black and white women react with fear when I'm coming home tired from work and only wanting to get home and rest. “Somebody is tripping!” It isn't I.

African American-Latino World

Gee Gee said...

Now if we as black people feel this way, imagine how white people feel. I feel like this world has become such an overly-sensitive place where everyone is afraid to acknowledge the elephant in the room and be able to openly (but respectfully) discuss it and move forward from that discussion. This is something i'm hesitant to say out loud because if you're black and say something like this, then you're a house slave, a sellout. If you're white, you're racist. Crazy.

A Dangerous Mind said...

I think that people get stuck in a mode and I see it in all types of people down from the little old lady who still wears her hair in pincurls or the dude in his 40's that still wears FUBU. People tend to wear what they feel they looked their best in during their heyday. When they were hot! You are not going to find a 16 year-old kid with a fat gold chain with a wave set anywhere in Portland or anywhere else because it's not in style anymore. As for stereotypes, anything we do eventually becomes a stereotype but for others it's "retro" such as the styles the hipsters wear. It's all pyschological, we've been taught to despise ourselves.

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