Friday, February 13, 2009


first of all....yay obama!

but, i think black people are a cursed people. i told my mother this and she simply rolled her eyes and started preaching to me about how of course we're not cursed. i don't say 'cursed' in a way to mean that we are some substandard nonhumans. we are of course just like everyone else. i even took a black history class in college which addressed this subject due to the myth that some racist people feel black people are cursed. the class of course 'dispelled the myth'. we talked about where the myth came from.... the cain and abel story, how god told cain he would be a wanderer and cursed, etc., etc. we talked about the fact that that did not apply to the black race.

but what if it does? seriously. the way black people have always been oppressed, mistreated, judged and on and on. we've always had such a hard time. so different from other races. our hair is nappy---yes, we've learned to love it, we've risen above the oppression but throughout history, we've been so hated. why are we the only ones in the world with nappy hair? again black people have learned to deal with it, but it wouldn't be my first choice if it were somehow possible to scientifically change my hair type.

i don't mean in any way to say that black people-that we are bad people. but the fact that we've always had so much to overcome and still have a ways to go makes me think that we've been cursed.

and no, despite my blog, i don't hate myself or my race. i'm just looking at the black experience objectively.


Anonymous said...

Well...that is your opinion if you believe in God. But if you think about it from a scientific or genetic standpoint, the black race is just race of people with different features than the caucasion race, latino race, indian race, islander race, etc. Science does not look at nappy hair has being "undesirable" and specifically stick to the black race. Every race has its own distinctive features, and most of them do not make a difference to our standard of living. It is our (or your) society that has condemned certain features, not a "curse" of the race. Stop being so negative about your race. White people have features they don't like too.

Anonymous said...

I belive our nappy hair is what makes us special:)

annabelle blue is . . . said...

OMG I have never heard black people were cursed because of their "nappy" hair. It's the social constructs of our obsession with Euro standards of beauty that condemns extremely curly (not necessarily, nappy) hair. I think you know that. Sometimes I think you're just trying to rile people. You're way too smart for some of these comments.

TBG said...

Annabelle-you've never heard the biblical theory that black people are cursed because of what Cain did to his brother? You might read the book of Genesis. There has been discussion about it. I didn't just come up with this idea out of the blue.
And I'm not trying to rile people up. What would be the point? If I were blogging for that purpose, I'd post a lot more often.

Anonymous said...

That's some serious self-hatred right there.

Jcanguy said...

Cursed? I wouldn't say the race is curse. There are black societies in other regions of the world that are doing good. The society that one was raised in had alot to do with how one think about themselves and others of the same race. Nappy hair to some is a blessing... I've heard over and over again from white people how their straight hair sticks out too much and they have to do some processing to it. Every race as someone else said has their flaws. I love being black, do i like everything about other black people not really, but I'm going to believe some myth and white folk tale that the black race is cursed.

Maria said...

TBG, I've heard of the Cain and Able story, but was Cain black? Can you give a specific verse that eluded to black people? Just curious. As far as curses, I don't believe in mumbo jumbo. We're only cursed if we believe we are. If you let yourself develop a defeatist mentality, it's over.

Anyway, I read somewhere that black people have nappy hair because it protects the head from the harsh African sun. It's all evolution baby! If you believe that the human race evolved from Africa, then you would see why "we are the only ones with nappy hair". We are the original and everyone else diluted from us. (That's why other races have kinky hair too!) That's not to say we are superior or inferior. Maybe you should try to see it that way, instead of black people just being a one off fluke of nature. We're the originators. I think it's pretty cool to have these strong features.

Dale said...

Uh, no. Black people are not cursed. They are not cursed because, first and foremost, there is no god to do the cursing.

There are, of course, people who curse entire races of people -- these people are known as racists, assholes, or racist assholes.

If you start treating ancient fables as though they're true, you quickly get into trouble and confusion.

Drop the fables. Reality beats them every time.

Anonymous said...

Umm TBG NO ONE has had it worse than the Jewish people. Want to talk about wanderers? They have lived on every continent and prosecuted on almost each. As far as "nappy" hair being a curse, what are you talking about? I love my black hair and have received nothing but compliments from other races about it. All my white friends wish they had my hair because it's "so easy to style"..."yeah, right i tell them" but i still love it. Your black hair is not supposed to be styled in the same matter as the hair of other races. Perhaps this is the curse you speak of? I think it is a blessing to have darker skin that protects us against skin cancer better. Curse! Compare two 60 year olds, one black and one white and see who is the cursed raced! I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

You do know that we all originated in Africa right? I think if you did some research on that, some of your questions would be answered.

Anonymous said...

Cursed? Maybe the Native Americans are the cursed ones, its only like 7 of them left. Black folk have overcome a lot, be proud of it.

Anonymous said... I stumbled upon your site while reading the blogs of others and I think you're pretty racist. You're like those black people who used to be on Ricky Lake talking about "I'm a white supremacist in a black person's body"...totally ignorant. I think you like when people compare you to white people because it somehow makes you feel superior. All of my life many people (black and white) have told me that I am "the whitest black person they know" and many white people have told me that they are glad I am "not like those scary black people" and I am from the SOUTH!!!!! That doesn't give me any sense of superiority over other black people whatsoever. Also, I have many more white friends than black but that's because I grew up and live with lots of white people (as you seem to live in an area where white is dominant) and not because I "attract them" with the way I speak or sound. If I moved and lived around Mexicans and Asians I can guarantee you the majority of my friends would be Asians and Mexicans. And sure there are many black people who name their children names that may not sound appealing to you but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with those names. Those names like Treyshauyn are names that black people have been naming their children for years. I don't see you persecuting white people for seemingly naming their children after eachother! How many Jonathans, Tiffanys, Stacys, Carlas, Jacobs, and Tylers do you know? To me THAT'S ridiculous! I also don't hear you saying anything about other cultures and their names. What about asian names like Taiyo, Akane, or Ziya? Oh wait, you'd probably argue that those names are "traditional" and that Tiffany and Tyler are mainstream and common so they're "appropriate" to put on a birth certificate. I think many would agree with me when I say HOW DARE YOU! No matter what YOU or anyone else says about skin color, hair texture (you should really be questioning yourself the next time you hate on ANYONE'S hair texture acting like a chemical relaxer is YOUR natural texture and is somehow better. Your hair is then unnaturally styled. Who told you that relaxed was the "right" way to present yourself to the world and that it looks "better" than twists or an afro. Also ignoramous natural hair is not limiting when it comes to styling and I as someone who has been both natural and relaxed I can tell you that beyond a limp ponytail, flat ironing, or curls from a roller set or iron that fall there aint a lot happening with relaxed hair. Even natural my hair still needs to be styled but it's not pipe cleaner!!!! It's just as soft as when it's relaxed adn when straightened natural it looks relaxed) , names, and how all other black people are embarrasing YOU I am still BLACK and going to be BLACK for the rest of my life no matter what you or anyone else has to say or thinks about it (No matter which way you slice it) and so are you even if you seem to forget/are ashamed of that.

annabelle blue is . . . said...

TBG- Yes, of course I've heard of the biblical "Curse of Ham" (Not Cain.) that was used to justify SLAVERY of black people.

However, you said black people were cursed and cited NAPPY HAIR as a result/reason of this curse? That is what I'm disputing, my dear.

I don't think the black race is cursed, but I do believe we have a lot of work to do. Slavery in America has scarred our race greatly, but we have new skin and we should embrace it. Some of things you say are very misguided and superficial.

I don't care if you act "white" or have self-hatred. I've been accused of both and think it's ignorant as hell when someone accuses me of it. I think being ignorant isn't a crime, however not trying to be better is a far worse one.

errata said...

I'm white skinned, and half of my forefathers and mothers died in the Nazi death camps and chambers!

I believe my forefathers and foremothers are cursed as a nation because they do not submit to the will of God, and that being God's will as well, I accept that.((and they were all slaves once as well!))

As the proverb says: "cursed is the nation, that takes another nation as slave".....

But even the slave owners are cursed while there in that place of slavery, so all have become slaves..

I think blessings and cursings come from GOD((although we know we can actively bless or curse another as humans)), and are based upon that alone, and there is no mark outwardly that marks a cursed individual or group, but it's an internal thing, as God judges the heart and not the skin.

The soul is marked, not the blood.

If we lived in a land where being a certain religion meant being accepted and not being killed, it would not be based upon skin pigment and more than a third of the world at present is just such a place.

In America, we've become thin skinned to think that America is worldwide, but it's not, I've been all over, and it's about evened out when concerning judging by skin pigment and religion and wealth caste.

In the end, we all curse each other, and all are cursed because we all can't seem to get it right, and that's why the entire earth is either well fed or starving.

The starving children are blessed to not be cursed like the gluttons and the gluttons are blessed to not starve like the starving and on and on it goes, round and round like the earth on its axis, like the water, it comes down to go back up to come back down over and over, like the path we walk upon, that soon we will become; DUST in the end!

"can we all just get along"


Anonymous said...

We are not cursed--we are blessed. Remember the story of Job--God tested his most loyal followers to prove a point.

In other words, if I had to relate a story to best describe some of our experiences on this earth--it would not be that of Cain or Hamm--it would be Job.

Besides most of the world is brown (life began in Africa), so if He made some mark or characteristic for people to physically stand out--he would have made a white one (like chalk on a board)--but I digress...besides I do not believe in any cursed group of people.

I see some of our circumstances in that manner--God tests his most faithful as a testament to the world that our heart and allegiance to Him is in the right place.

We are not so superficial that we need life to be easy for us to love and trust God.

My beautiful grandma cannot praise God enough--and she has endured so much, but whatever she touches is a success--no matter what hardship, struggle or sacrifice she has done.

We should be the example that others strive to be.

It takes extreme temperature and heat to change a lump of coal into a dimond and we are blessed that God finds so much favor in us, that our 'trials and tribulations' will bring out the dimond in all of us.

Not everyone can carry the burden the world chooses to place on us.

But God chose you and me and others like us to bear that burden because in His infinite wisdom, He knew we can handle it and it would mold us for the good.

Be blessed my sister and remember that all things (even our beatiful nappy hair) works out for the good in those who trust God.

Anonymous said...

WOW... I dont get it are you trying to say having nappy/curly/kinky hair is a sign that blacks are cursed?!

Look you have SOME qualified points when you blog but alot of what you say is BS.

So do you look at your hair and see it as a sign that blacks are cursed? That is really stupid and I feel said for you.

michael said...

"and no, despite my blog, i don't hate myself or my race. i'm just looking at the black experience objectively."

Who are you trying to convince; black people or yourself?

Siobhan said...

I understand what you are saying. The thing is, you have to remember that Jesus suffered on this Earth so whoever follows him will be persecuted also.

Why Did You Make Me Black Lord ....
Lord .... Why did you make me black?
Why did you make someone
the world would hold back?
Black is the color of dirty clothes,
of grimy hands and feet...
Black is the color of darkness,
of tired beaten streets...
Why did you give me thick lips,
a broad nose and kinky hair?
Why did you create someone
who receives the hated stare

Black is the color of the bruised eye
when someone gets hurt...
Black is the color of darkness,
black is the color of dirt.

Why is my bone structure so thick,
my hips and cheeks so high?
Why are my eyes brown,
and not the color of the sky?

Why do people think I'm useless?
How come I feel so used?
Why do people see my skin
and think I should be abused?

Lord, I just don't understand...
What is it about my skin?
Why is it some people want to hate me
and not know the person within?

Black is what people are "Labeled"
when others want to keep them away...
Black is the color of shadows cast...
Black is the end of the day.

Lord you know my own people mistreat me,
and you know this just ain't right...
They don't like my hair, they don't like my
skin, as they say I'm too dark or too light!

Lord, don't you think
it's time to make a change?
Why don't you redo creation
and make everyone the same?

GOD's Reply:
Why did I make you black?
Why did I make you black?

I made you in the color of coal
from which beautiful diamonds are formed...
I made you in the color of oil,
the black gold which keeps people warm.

Your color is the same as the rich dark soil
that grows the food you need...
Your color is the same as the black stallion and
panther, Known for beauty and speed!

All colors of the heavenly rainbow
can be found throughout every nation...
When all these colors are blended,
you become my greatest creation!

Your hair is the texture of lamb's wool,
such a beautiful creature is he...
I am the shepherd who watches them,
As I am the ONE who will watch over thee.

You are the color of the midnight sky,
I put star glitter in your eyes...
There's a beautiful smile hidden behind your pain...
That's why your cheeks are so high!

You are the color of dark clouds
from the hurricanes I create in September...
I made your lips so full and thick,
so when you kiss...they will remember!

Your stature is strong,
your bone structure thick to withstand the
burden of time...
The reflection you see in the mirror,
that image that looks back,..that is MINE!

So get off your knees,
look in the mirror and tell me what you see?
I didn't make you in the image of darkness...
I made you in the image of ME!

Anonymous said...

I don't see us as "cursed." Being disliked for our color/hair/etc does not equate to being cursed. It equates to people being ignorant. Thing is, we can overcome that nonsense. Besides, it's not just black people who catch it from people: look around other minorities, women, gays, the elderly, people with disabilities, even redheads get hassled, too. It's how we choose to act or react that makes the difference.

btw I live in Oregon and sometimes get told I'm "hiding" here and should go live with Black people down in Oakland. I just laugh when those same people move here a few years later.

Anonymous said...

Black hair is nappy because its extremely curly.Do your research.

NostrilSoup said...

Forget religion. Forget god for a minute. You can just reinterpret "black people are cursed" as "a lot of black people have had a pretty shitty time ever since white folks became good sailors". One thing led to another, until Europe was the most financially, technically, scientifically and artistically rich land mass there was. And seeing as how black people hadn't managed to achieve the same thing, they've been looked down on by whites ever since. It's only since black people have integrated with an aggressive white society that many white folks realised that, actually, they're "equal to us" on every level... more, even, when you consider the attitudes they have to put up with without going crazy! Obama, hopefully, will stand as a symbol for one of the final nails in the coffin of racism, in our depressingly slowly-evolving society.

Janey said...

I know how you feel. I got on my computer tonight looking for a answer of why our hair is different too, the answer has to be writen down somewhere. I think we where cursed because we are Adam and Eve, and you know how Eve let God and man down,our hair might have been curse form that.we are the firt people so we would be setaside/defferent in some way than other people and that could be why our hair is different form everyone else. I'm looking for the answer and GOD will tell me just like he let me know that we are Adam and Eve, I had a hard time believing that but when GOD showed me the tureth I believed him.You know Adam, Eve,Caine and all of mankind where cursed but because of Christ we all where redeemed form the curse and released to the blessing.
GOD bless you

ADO Another Damn Opinion said...

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. so maybe we were meant to go through these things to make us as tough as we are. we all know that other people who have been through not even half of what our culture has been through would have killed themselves on the spot!

Anonymous said...

I believe we became other races because of Noahs flood and we split of into 5 different people groups red yellowe black white and brown..before Abraham; also race isnt mentioned in the bible only ACTS 17:26 mentions it; I also believe we are getting a renasance on what to do with natural hair thanks to the internet

Will said...

There is only one curse we Black people suffer--it is the curse of lack of self-knowledge...

Anonymous said...

Say what you say but lets get real here.we all know that unless we are rappers (who of course down our people and our women) or play basketball we are not expected to have anything. I am a black business owner and I have lived in very nice area's here in the Bay Area. I am usally the only black person in my neighborhood. Any other race can come in here be accepted but it becomes a joke when they see a black person. They break their necks to try and figure out what line of work your in. Lets face it, in the movies you do not see very many african american people playing roles of wealthy people unless it is a comedy. Yes, the hair is also an issue. So, say what you say, learn to love and deal with it but the truth is the truth. I promise you that it would be all good if any other race moved into a nice ocean view area as long as they are not black. The people who are also call themselves trying to help our race does not mind doing it as long as we never grow to be where they are. When I first started my business I went to different agencies and places and everything was fine as long as they thought they could teach me. They whole typical movie of some white hero coming to save us. However, when I began doing well and even out did them then things became a problem. They dont mind helping as long as you stay below them. I am sorry but no other race has it like this. Many of the jobs today cater to hispanic people, this is america, speaking spanish should not be required. I am sure if you go to mexico you will not get a higher pay because you speak english. I am just saying, when you really look at things you will see that we are treated differently than any other race.

Anonymous said...

I get you 100% and found myself asking the same questions. EVERYONE else in the entire world has a different texture of hair than us all of the other races have straight manageable hair, and we have tightly and extremely tightly coiled hair, this hair would not pose any difficulties if say we were in our natural abode, but living in the time pressed western hemisphere (with its very unpredictable weather) and suddenly our hair becomes quite burdensome.
I have asked all these questions and I literally turned from strict Atheist to Christianity overnight. All the answers are in the bible! WE were made in Gods image, everything after us is different due to climatic evolution. WE ARE THE ISRAELITES MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE it's the only logical explaination (see Deuteronomy 28)of why we are so despised by other races AND why OUR own history has been eliminated from not only our consciousness, but as the oldest nation on the planet, factually acknowledged as the 'birthplace of mankind' and yet its history is treated with less importance than Rome and Greece? It's all psychological.We are Gods ORIGINAL children plain and simple...

Anonymous said...

i think your right honey..if you look at the whole picture...of what we been through and contnue to go through..we're the most into god but the most who suffer..even the jews had light at the end of their tunnel.

Anonymous said...

to: Siobhan

Thank you. You are the ONLY person who makes sense on this blog, including that of the person who started this blog. It's truly sad how lost you are "That Black Girl" I would say, trade in your color immediately!!!! Because you're lost, and you do not appreciate the beauty of black!! How can you say that CNN was wrong for the documentary Black in America because to YOU, they didn't show educated black people when you sound FAR from educated posting crap like this. Tisk, tisk, tisk.


Anonymous said...

black people probably are cursed nappy is just a part of it but its more than that, its the being hated by all races(think its a lie, search it,ask black people who have been to asia or india), the 1 stepp forward two steps back in everything, its africa, its every diease thats out there we seem to have it more than everyoen else,its the poverty, its everything.. people wanna chose to be delusional and ignorant facts of history...but look at your world..its all around you. i probably wouldnt be typing this if my race didnt effect everything around me. if every step i made to the top wasn't eclipsed by my race, how i fear going to foreign countries to travel because of hte hateful things i read, how people follow me in stores, how im seen as stupid and ignorant even though im not. but i suppose people want to ignore this because it doesn't concern then. and i guess their right. for example as a woman i feel free in america as a woman, i like being a woman.. but say i was in a 3rd world country i may not have this pride and feeling. i may want to be a man, since men are treated better in other countries. at the end of hte day peopel just want to be treated like a person and not a color.

Anonymous said...

Do you know Cain's descendants died in the flood? So, how would blacks be descended from Cain? Furthermore, black people were not always oppressed- what about Egypt, Abyssinia, The Moors, Timbuktu, Soghay/Mali, Hannibal, Queen Dido, Queen of Sheba, etc? Blacks and Native Americans have been oppressed since white imperialist period- the era before that time was extensive!

Anonymous said...

o3o umm just adding this did not read most comments so i am not sure if i am repeating. But by the standards stated you could also count jews as cursed. though i have my own misjudgings on weather or not we are cursed (or the jews either) i do know som reasons that scientifically state we might not be and might just be better or just plain special.

Dark feature genes in humans and almost every other living beings are domanint. Meaning that they will be more likely to show then pale or lighter toned genes.

In the animal kingdom (this will likely never be tested with humans) Animals with darker features are found to have higher ranks or are leaders. though i have yet to find out why its just interesting.

Not to mention People of color were spread world wide where as their paler counterparts were not.

those are facts to think on though they realy prove little in the scheme of things within this convo but it helps give perspective. We as people of african descent have dark dominat features that seem to come off as threatening to those with resesive ones. so what can we do? idk.

but i feel glad that my genes are dominent. It makes me feel special.

ummm thats it. hope this info peaks your interest atleast. and sorry i am an avid speaker but my spelling/gramer leaves a lot to be asked for. Enjoy your day!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..those were some good comments..I wonder myself sometime thought why our people hate each other so why we take from each other. We never stick together on anything. We call ourselves BLACK when that doesnt define who we are, we are not a color. I think there is a reason why we are the most hated humans on this earth. Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

OUR Hair is the most precious thing we have! You don't realize it as yet, but when temperatures start to rise (and they ARE), you will see WHY afro textured hair is so valuable. I remember taking a bike ride with my friend (white male) in the middle of summer. He started to experience heat stroke after 30 mins while I was unfazed!!!! I realize that it was because my afro texured hair helped to keep the sweat on my scalp so that my head was cool! You think afro textured hair is some kind of terrible anomaly only because you have no idea how valuable it is! Our skin is so valuable and before other cultures invaded our lands we has innovative cities, astronomers, mathematicians, etc. We built so much without destroying the Earth. We have so much to be proud of. We are not cursed! THEY are. Look at what their "innovation" has done to mother earth. They will pay for their "fortune" soon enough. And when we all must return to nature. We will see who are the REAL fortunate ones.

Anonymous said...

Black people are not the ones who were cursed. You have misread your bible. They are the chosen peoples. The real Jews. But that is something that the world doesn't want you to know just like they don't want you to know that Africans are the ones that civilized early Europe. Don't be a fool. Go out and learn the truth for yourself, not just some pre-conceived notion that was handed to you.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to point out the flaws of the black race. At least other races don't have nappy hair.

Uplift the lost black americans said...

We were taught to hate ourselves and each other we came from kings queens they raped Africa we were the first civilization first successful heart transplant they shot the broad nose off the spinx Ethiopians were the descendants of Solomon some of us are true Hebrews the Judah tribe in Israel we are being mistreated n I saw for myself pics of Jews with coiled nappy hair not straight u have to try to find an African or black teacher or professor who teaches the truth about Africa where the first human bones were found by a white man Dr.leaky in Ethiopia? Much love n blessings to u n pray to God he listens n answers prayers!

The Witty Wordsmith said...

Our hair is definitely the worst hair in the world. Awful

Anonymous said...

Be proud of you heritage, its what defines you and make you unique. The vast majority of the races are mixed. And most people don't even realize how close to similarity we as humans are
First their are only 4 races in the world, if I remember correctly and most all of us are mixed fro 2 or more races as I'am. To who ever stated this. Latino is not a race. Its an ethnic group. Latino hispanics how ever you like to phrase it is a mix race. Originally derived from the white race, mixed with Caribbean Indian. Called taino indian of the awakean tribe. These indian tribe where wiped out by the white euopean spaniards. We are also mixed wit blacks in some cases. from the days the blacks where brought in during the slave trading days.

Mach275 said...

Yeah, it looks like God has abandoned us and His people are the sons of Japheth, He sees fit that they have this useless thing called earth, and we'll get ours in the afterlife, even if they turn against Him. We just do the best we can, I suppose, until we pass over to the other side.