Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cesar chavez

i think we all know the real reason why no one wants any streets renamed "cesar chavez blvd". they can claim all they want that money is the issue. mmmmm....that may be part of it. but i guarantee you that even if it didn't cost a thing, people would still be outraged.

there was a segment on the news last night about store owners on broadway street upset about the proposal, arguing that they'd have to rename their stores. yeah right! since when does the name of a business always reflect the street it's on? never! how many "laurelhurst dental" or "rose city this or that" businesses exist outside the heart of that neighborhood?

white people just don't want to admit that they don't want to give "some mexican" any props. they want to keep the negative stigma about mexicans, the same way they like to do with black people. to change a street name to reflect cesar chavez to them would be just....wrong. (eyeroll)

who really cares what the name of a street is??


Dubbayoo said...

I just want to know why M.L. King Street is always in the black section of town?

Anonymous said...

That's BS...people are not as adamantly racist as you think. I can bet you that they don't care WHO the street is renamed's the fact that they have had an established business for many years, with a name reflecting the street they are located on. It's like someone renaming the street you grew up on. You wouldn't like it, would you? It's not the NAME that bothers them. They would be mad if the street was to be renamed after Julius Cesar or Cleopatra. Personally I wouldn't care if the street names were to change, I think Cesar Chavez was a great leader. I think the proposal would be best fit for 39th avenue since it is just a number and not a name. But the Broadway street and Grand Avenue dwellers invested their business title on the street name, so obviously they are pissed. Don't pin this issue on racism.

Mika said...

Ceasar Chavez a great leader?? Yes and Mr. Adams isn't a sexual predator either.

Anonymous said...

Ceasar Chavez did a lot of great work. He fought for farm works so they could get living wages and organized the UFW Union. He did a lot of good. It seems really odd that people would now want to name a street after a positive person.

Mika you must have confused Ceasar for that case you are not qualified to comment. Learn some history..


Jcanguy said...

TBG, where are you? I'm longing for some contradictory blog that can make me lol at work

Hola, I'm JMac: said...

you should keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Chavez did more harm than good. That would seem to be one excellent reason for us white people to resist naming another street for someone who destroyed a small economy.

Even if it was racially motivated, who cares? people should have the freedom to believe what they want. White, African American, gay, straight, atheist, etc...

Free minds and free markets.

the plasticgraduate said...

My solemn oath to the fair people of Oregon is to fight for justice and protect the civil order. Yet my strong libertarian beliefs force me to weigh in here.

I agree 100% with Mika and anonymous. How can you, thatblackgirl, claim that this is racism? It's so obvious that this is complete and utter ignorance.

My mother would have proposed the following had the fair citizens of PDX not been able to come to an agreement: rename all the streets. Just put their names in a hat, mix them around and pick them out one by one. No more nitpicking about which street to be renamed. Everybody gets treated equally.

[non-sequitur: why is the word verification that I have to type to leave this comment 'hymenn'?]