Friday, September 12, 2008

Changes, Part II

you might remember this post a while back about movie theaters in portland, oregon.

so i thought it would be fun tonight to get a couple friends together and go see the new Tyler Perry movie. as i looked through the listings to find which theater i wanted to go to, i once again noticed that the only place on the northeast side of town (where the majority of people of color live) where this "black movie" is playing is at the lloyd mall. once again, another "black movie" relegated to the mall with the mallrats, kids and transients. it's okay for black people to make a scene there, where we won't tarnish anyone's opinion of the biker happy, green, liberal, sustainable portland.

the other 8 or so locations playing the movie are way far out. sure, there are black people who live waaay out on the outskirts, but not many. and sure, white people will want to see it as well. but COME. ON. there are many movie theaters in NE portland and downtown (not far from NE) that could show the movie. why do we have to drive way out of the area to see it?

it's clear that someone obviously doesn't want a large group of black people anywhere in the NE area "causing a scene" and "disrupting" all the new white yuppies now living in NE gentrifying the old black neighborhoods, or bother any of the existing 'quiet' white folks. and are they assuming that there aren't any non-people of color in the inner NE who want to see the movie?

why else would the movie only be shown at places such as gresham, milwaukie and hillsboro? most of the people who are most interested in seeing it likely live in NE. why do i have to drive way out to do it? why are they so afraid of black people being in one place? this is not some controversial malcolm X movie, or MLK type racial film. they don't have to worry about there being a riot or looting. it's racist because someone assumes that when a bunch of black people are together in one area, we will act like the stereotype- rioting, loud, rude, disorderly and whatever else.



Anonymous said...

Where do you want the movie to show? Call them up and ask them why they're not showing it, instead of thinking up conspiracy theories. Maybe you're right, but then again maybe the movie is expected to appeal more to middle-class whites and that's why it's playing in the burbs.
The Lloyd Mall isn't all that bad -- I took my kids there to see Wall-E.

Musings said...

Okay. This PISSES me off. Oh, don't get me started! You are so right on. I could not agree with you more. I have always wondered why, and really it's always about making THEM more comfortable. Okay, for other readers who do not live in Portland, sorry bear with me. Back in the day, Irving park was the place to be for us who lived in the 'hood' that does not exist anymore. Unfortunately when the late 80's and 90's rolled around, gangs started to be more prolific and ruined it for the CIVILIZED BLACK KIDS WITH MANNERS AND ASPIRATIONS FOR THE FUTURE WHO JUST LIKE TO HANG OUT AND HAVE FUN. Anyway, I was recently at Irving park for a picnic and OMG if there were not freaking PARK RANGERS!! Park rangers!! In the city?? Okay, that is only because now there are white people in the "house" and by golly we have to make sure they are safe and comfortable....I mean really, where they when it was a black neighborhood?? Are black lives not worth protecting and keep safe??...Sorry, I could go on but I will save it for the blog...Oh, TBG why did you take me there??

Anonymous said...

First, welcome back! I disagree heartily with just about everything you say, but I missed you desperately.

2nd, on any given day I see more black people in far out SE than I see on Alberta. NE may still be the spiritual home of the black community but folks are living elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

personally I would prefer to watch a Tyler Perry movie in a white neighborhood, I can't deal with all the talking during the movie that black people do and yes I am black.

WithOxygen said...

I think the location of the Tyler Perry movie has more to do with the Demographic of the people who will most likely want to view the movie! after all, these are the people that are going to bring in the largest amount of money! Sure some whites will want to see it! but dont you think more blacks will view it than whites? of course! I mean, I didnt go out of my way to see "the sex in the city movie!" and I have not viewed it as of yet. ButI am sure alot of whites went and some blacks! Either way, I am so over Tyler Perry!!!! His plots and cast always seems to be the same scenario in a slightly different way. watching Tyler Perry movies is like watching adam Sandler movies ,the charectors seem the same or the scenario alwyas seems somewhat the same.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with WithOxygen. It is most likely all about money. You could be right, but that industry is so money driven I think it's fair to say they'll play whatever wherever if it will sell tickets. Now if you had local people asking them not to play a Tyler Perry in their neighborhood, I would think it was about "not wanting a scene to be made," but these are people just looking at sales figures from previous Tyler Perry movies in various neighborhoods. The decisions are probably made at corporate headquarters in some other city in California where the movie industry is concentrated.

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