Tuesday, January 09, 2007

people's choice awards

did anyone else think it was a little weird that all three nominees in the R&B category were white? christina aguilera, justin timberlake, and well, okay, mariah carey isn't really white but she can kind of pass in the pop world...what happened to the black artists? in portland, you probably wouldn't know, since they really don't get any airplay on the mainstream radio stations. shoot. even i barely know who they are. in case you didn't know, it doesn't stop at hip hop and rap. uggh. i hate most hip hop. sadly, a lot of people think that that's where black entertaining talent stops. the only way i even know of any of the new r &b artists is from music videos, which i rarely watch. but occasionally when i'm channel surfing i'll see something interesting.


Kevin said...

That's really weird. Sounds like a reflection of the state of the music industry...seems like black folk are only supposed to do hip-hop (with a few exceptions) and white folk are supposed to do -- well, everything else.

I always associated R&B with a certain maturity, and none of these people have it. In fact, I finally heard that Timberlake song about "bringing sexy back," and I thought, "Son, I wouldn't let you bring my LUNCH back."

Sue Le Vent said...

Radio only plays R&B music if it's sung by white people. Then they call them "crossover successes" and someone puts them on the cover of Vibe.

If John Legend was white, his album would have gone diamond by now.

Sadly, the same isn't true for black artists who sing "out of genre" music. Alice Smith, Stiffed, and Res will never be nominated for anything or given the indie stamp of approval.

Sucks. Hard.

sailism said...

Years ago George Micheal beat out Luther Vandross for best r&b singer
and the same applys now.
I have been told that forms are sent out for peoples choice and I assure you if they are none have gone to malls in the "hood".
So the question is in what demographic area are these artist
the most popular peoples choice.

ian bacardyia said...

Don't get me started on TimbaFAKE I was done with him after he didn't be a man and stand by Janet after the waldrobe malfunction. That Timbaland beat laced track for "my love". I liked it better when Ginuwine sang it. The whole thing is pecuilar. But I really miss the mid 90's (Zhane, Groove Theory, Carl Thomas, Tony, Toni, Tone, even short lived Lucy Pearl) that was some good R&B. The stuff the kids are putting out now, just doesn't have any soul.