Friday, January 19, 2007


husband came home yesterday really discouraged from his job. he works for a huge corporation which is actually a pretty good job. the problem is, he works with a bunch of constant-pms-ing and post-menopausal women who hate men and hate their job. so the shit just rolls down.

the pay is okay. i wish he made more but his happiness and security is what matters. now that that's gone, it's to the drawing board and resume writing we go. as i was typing this, i wondered if it would make a difference whether his women superiors are white or black? oh yeah. even though husband is white, he has a black frame of mind. and then i tried to think of a time where he or i had ever had a slew of black women as our bosses. the workplace would be a very different place. i didn't have to think very hard. i know it's different in the east and the south, but it's lame that here in portland it's such an abstract thought.

i think we (pacific northwesterners) just get used to not seeing many black people in power (yes, there are some, but few and far between).

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