Tuesday, September 12, 2006

PTA mom

I had my first pta meeting tonight! How weird is that. i feel like a soccer mom or something. i really was anxious to see how many black parents would show up. i was surprised to find more than i thought would be there.

but i was actually pretty shocked at how many parents were NOT there, of all races. I mean, you have this school that is like 75 percent african american and of almost 400 students, only aoubt 15 parents showed up, 10 black.

where are these parents? a few miles away , over at the elementary school of yuppie white children, they're turning parents away from the pta, because it's too full. wow. imagine that.

so many black parents need to get it together. when i take my kids to the childrens' museum or library , i RARELy see moms of color. but yet, when i go to the mall, there they all are. how backwards is that?

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Anonymous said...

Thats true! I see the same thing.