Monday, September 11, 2006

i'm not bourgeoise, i just aint all ghetto and loud.

So i dropped preskooler off at his first day of school today. Well, i actually didnt drop him off; i had to walk him into the classroom to help get him all situated.

i couldnt help but notice this other black mom there, talking all loud to another mom about how, 'SHOO....she was finna go get back in the bed...' after dropping little suzy off at school.

why get back in the bed? it's freakin 9:00, or probably about 9:30 once she finishes getting little suzy situated and headed back home. but of course she didn't care that she was talking so loud for everyone to hear.

My point is the loud talking. why perpetuate the stereotype. i guess she didn't think it mattered since almost every other mom there was ethnic, you know, she probably figured we're all that way too...

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