Tuesday, September 13, 2011


i think it's weird that i get so much traffic on this blog. when i started this blog 5 yrs ago, i just wanted a forum where i could think out loud and vent things that i couldn't just say to people, or was ashamed/scared/embarrassed to say.

when i began to get comments, i thought "how did people find my blog?" so, i put one of those trackers on the site. i checked every now and then, but i was never motivated by how many visitors i got. i'm still not. sure, i love hearing what you all have to say, but i still just blog what i'm thinking about.

anyway, every time i check my stats (which is like once in a blue moon), i'm always so surprised at how many people find me by googling "black girls" and "why do black people eat chicken and watermelon". i kid you not. the search about black people AND chicken and watermelon is absolutely the number one search topic that gets random strangers to my blog. followed by searching "black girls".


and, people seem to very curious about black women. more than you know.


Unknown said...

Wow thats deep....I honestly found your blog while I was looking up how well I, as a white girl would fare living in primarily black public housing. I have been in diverse communities all my life but was still nervous. I have to say though even though I got shot at and in a year and a half there were about 6 shootings within that 3 block area and I can't even express how many drug busts I have found some of my best friends and like I said...I'm white, but who doesn't like fried chicken and watermelon??? People are ignorant to the real world and to try to pretend that we are not different is counterproductive. I love your blog just to see your perspective and what you have to deal with. Keep blogging girl!!

Anonymous said...

Aside from all those horrible reasons to even WANT to google those terms, (side eye) I came to this sit because I wanted to find a voice for Black and/or Latinos living in Portland. There were none. Except your site. Two years later, I'm still drawn to your bare-bones honest posts despite having moved from the city a long time ago. So, yeah, keep blogging! Please!

Valerie Moore said...

Well I must admit.. THIS POST is why I read your blog! Post like this are so cute it makes my day!

Anonymous said...

I found it by googling "dating a black woman portland or". Just sayin'

cinnomonroll said...

omg that is funny i found it on yahoo by searching "black girls" in the blog section. I just wanted to find blogs written by african americans...lol

Anonymous said...

LOL Just FYI I found your blog because of a story regarding Whoopi Goldberg hosting the annual Burger Bash competition at the At the New York City Wine and Food Festival (9-30-2011 Whoopi Goldberg says potato chips are her weakness AP). She stated she could not resist potato chips followed by: "...And fried chicken, but that's so ethnic I'm afraid to say it out loud." And, she added, she won't "eat watermelon in public, just on principle."

The first thought that occurred to me was that while I had heard of the stereo type it seemed kind of annoying/disheartening that she could not and would not eat watermellon in public and felt fried chicken was to "ethnic" because of the stereotype. It seems a shame that the stereotype is still so strong. She should be able and comfortable eating anything she damn well pleases wherever and whenever she damn well pleases.

Anyway, the second thought was, where/why the hell did the stereotype originate? So...Googled "watermelon and fried chicken black people" and one of the sites that came up was your's referencing a book(Friday, November 17, 2006
Why do black people love fried chicken and watermelon?).

Then, because when I run into a blog that might be interesting I browse a bit. Went to the most recent entry and...."Tuesday, September 13, 2011
blackcurious". Just made me laugh, my search in a way took me on a strange trip in someways a weird but logical circle?

Interesting blog by the way. (White, Male, and "he sighs" over FIFTY!!!.)

5f4144f4-fa99-11e0-963f-000f20980440 said...

i really enjoy your blog. i just found it today after, like a poster said above, i googled black girl blogs. i was just looking for a smart, funny black girl blog and yours was there. i am biracial and lived my whole life in orange county, ca so i can definitely relate to a lot of what your going through up in portland. living now in texas (just moved in may) i am experiencing a whole new culture, some good, some bad, but all interesting. keep it up....your thoughts really hit home for many.

msday said...

I must admit that I, a black woman, googled the "chicken and watermelon" thing after some stupid Jerk, presented me with a half-moon shaped watermelon, at the front desk of MY hotel in Italy. Yes, it happened to me-all the way over in Italy-and I wanted to know exactly where this all started.

However, I am glad that I found your blog. It's funny because it's familiar. So many happenings in my life are similar to yours until I have to laugh about them, when I see similar thoughts. I guess, one day when we're old, we will look back on all of this and laugh even harder. Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

I was searching for "that black". An artist I came across in my mp3 collection.


Russian drum and bass. It was almost impossible to get any information about it:

Just saying, I think there might be more banal reasons people end up at your blog.

Angie said...

Come back to your blog.....I miss you. Angie : )

mil cositas bellas said...

hi! i actually came accross your blog when i googled: "black dentists portland or". but as i went through your blog i couldnt find a post with all those words together. :( i am a mom of two (girls) who are biracial (i'm mexican, daddy is black/white) anyway, i have been looking for physicians that are non white males. i posted on a "mom board" to see if anyone had any recommendations and i got called a racists. I guess some people feel their kids should have role models of their own sex/race but when i seek the same i get called a racist. oh well. do you know any good dentists that are not white? i found a good primary care but still looking for dentist and optometrist. also i really enjoyed your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl above...you are racist xD

As for how I found your site I jist googled black woman, white men and got this.

As black woman are very beautiful..

Anonymous said...

I found your site twice. I found it first about a year ago when I googled "bougie...something" I don't remember but it had the word "bougie" in it; I read the whooole thing, thought it was cute and funny then forgot about it for a year until five minutes ago when I googled "American Creole" because my grandfather is Creole and I was thinking about the differences between the ones in Louisiana vs. the ones in Belize, Cape Verde, etc. and I found your post about your "Creole" friend. :]

v said...

Black women are very popular now. The Real Housewives of Atlanta weren't rated the best out of the franchise for nothing. And that wasn't all black people watching. To find you, I googled black women/girl blogs. I read up every once and a while and comment. Keep doing what you're doing :)

Anonymous said...

The "black people" part of the sentence is what found your website. The search robots meta data picked-up on your site and others like yours.

Just thought I'll give you some insight.

Developer (blackguy)

Anonymous said...

I googled BW WM relationships and your lovely blog post came up about interracial relationships : )

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