Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i went to the post office today. i went to the window and asked the guy if he could mail my two pieces of mail and that i also needed to buy about 10 stamps. normally, i'm not picky about the stamps i buy. i like any black heritage usually. but i really DON'T care. they're just stamps.

but for some reason today, i was a little...what-irritated, i guess? the guy hands me sheet with "Kwanzaa" and some emblem on the stamps. since i don't do Kwanzaa, i just didn't really want those. i know, i know. who cares? i usually don't. so i told the man, 'eh....can i get some other stamps?' he hands me some stamps with Arabic writing. i think it was some type of Arabic holiday type stamp. no, i did not really want those either. wtf?

then he hands me some Hanukkah type of stamp. i guess he figured since i turned down the "black" and the middle eastern holiday stamps, i must just want a Hanukkah stamp. i thought he must of just been trying to piss me off. or not.

i guess i do care what type of stamp i buy. i mean, if i don't "subscribe" to Kwanzaa, why would i want that on my mail? i mean, would a (serious) jew want christmas stamps? i have no idea. i guess i just don't want my mail to do any other speaking for me than what's already in the envelope.

i finally just settled on some plain, usps stamps.


Jcanguy said...

dang you are picky. Stamps are stamps they dont say anything about who you are as a person or what you believe in (at least thats what I think). How many people when recieving letters actually look on the stamps that is on the envelope?

I'm actually surprise people still use the post office, better yet still send mail.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make? I guess no matter what you just what have been mad regardless of what stamp it was.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just don't get you. Why didn't you just ask for the type of stamp that you wanted?

I would have been fine with Kwanzaa, Arabic, Jewish, or any stamp. All stamps have validity.

I think you felt insulted that he gave you a "black" stamp. (Let's face it, we all know how you feel about blacks in general.)

TBG said...

i felt like he was only offering me those stamps because i am black. would he offer someone white the Kwanzaa stamps? this was my point. i wasn't mad, by the way, just observing.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

This post made me laugh. I cannot believe he handed over all of those holiday stamps. And speaking of holiday stamps are there any plain Christmas ones? I just saying - after Kwanzaa he went Muslim, Hebrew he should have thrown Christian in there just to be pc.


Immoral Matriarch said...

LOL. I think you're right in your assumption that he was giving them to you because you were black.

I would have been like "Look dammit - I want the same stamps you'd give to a white woman, unless I ask for something different. Thank you."

Dawn said...

LOL. What happened to regular old non holiday-affiliated stamps?

Anonymous said...

Um, if it meant that much to ya, you COULD just do what the rest of us do. I just ask what kinda festive stamps they have and make a selection if I'm that worried about it. Maybe once in my life someone has mentioned the type of stamp I've used. That's because it was a plain flag stamp. And I send a lot of snail mail cause I love sending cards and letters.

and seriously, my white jewish boss is regularly offered whatever the new stamp is. Black Heritage, Kwanzaa, dead celebrities.

It's not always about you and your blackness, I promise.

WithOxygen said...

It is obvious that these are not just stamps to you!!!!! I really dont give a crap what kind of stamps I get, as long as they will get my mail where they need to go.

CW said...

I feel the same way...Black history or "I Love Lucy" stamps for me : )

Anonymous said...

Actually, I get pissed when I am given holiday stamps. I'm Jewish. Hanukkah is a really minor holiday, so I really do not need stamps for that holiday. And I am just tired of everything, even my stamps, being about Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny. I'm Jewish too, and hell no am I gonna put a christmas tree on my letters.

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